Join us for the World Values Survey Wave 7 Data Release at IPSA-2020! Apply today!

Papers submission link for IPSA-2020: Submission deadline: October 10.

Dear WVS Principal Investigators, Members of the WVS National Teams, WVS data-users and subscribers,

We are delighted to inform you that the public release of the new wave 7 WVS data-set will take place in conjunction with the IPSA-2020 World Congress of Political Science in July, 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal.

WVS-7 survey wave was started in mid-2017 and will be completed in June 2020. New survey data for over 90 countries collected in this period of time will be published in free access at the WVSA web-site:

To mark this achievement, WVS Association will hold a number of activities at the IPSA-2020 congress, including:

  • Pre-IPSA EVS-WVS workshop conducted in cooperation with our partner in this wave, the European Values Study. Leadership of the both research programs will present the new key findings from the EVS-5 (2018-2019) and the WVS-7 (2017-2020) survey rounds;
  • A round table on strengthening the capacity, measurement and coordination in cross-national survey research;
  • A festive social reception to celebrate public launch of the WVS-7 data-set;
  • General Assembly meeting of the WVS network (by invitation only - for WVS PIs).

We sincerely invite you to join us at IPSA-2020 and celebrate the new WVS largest survey wave! Exact dates of all the festivities will be announced in the course of the coming weeks. 

WVSA Secretariat strongly recommends all WVS Principal Investigators, members of the WVS teams and scholars willing to join our celebrations at IPSA-2020 to apply for participation in the IPSA-2020 Congress. If you wish your paper to be allocated into one of the WVS sessions at IPSA-2020, please, select "RC17 Comparative Public Opinion" as requested session.


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